Strategy Planning/Decision Making for Physicians

There is no augment that the world of medicine is rapidly changing.  There is also no augment that a great many informed decisions will have to be made by every practicing physician.

  • How do I and my colleagues react to health care reform?
  • Do I become employed by the hospital or remain in private practice?
  • What do I want my practice to look like in five years?
  • Do I consolidate my group with another?
  • How can I change my practice so that I have more time for my family?

The quality of your decisions will be directly proportional to the quality of your decision making process.  A quick decision over lunch will end with a predictably low quality result.  A well thought out decision, following a sound decision making process will insure the best chance of success.

Modern business principle had figured out the decision making process.  It is a learned technique following a specific process.  It can be applied to the most sophisticated corporate problems as well as the seemingly simple personal decisions we all make every day.  It is not intuitive but it is easy to learn.


This series from ES4P will introduce you to the process of strategic planning and sound decision making.  It is an essential skill to have because the quality of your decision making will determine your career fulfillment as well as yours and your family’s happiness and well being.

Strategy Planning for Physicians Sample

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