1. Can seminar content be changed to meet specific educational requests?

Yes, seminar topics can be tailored to meet the particular needs of the participants.

2. Can participants contact individual ES4P faculty outside of the seminars?

Seminar participants are encouraged to engage the ES4P faculty via the website or by email. Faculty members are available and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that may arise from either the seminars or the team projects. In addition, participants can discuss ideas and issues with each other via ES4P’s discussion board.

3. How are seminars scheduled?

Seminars are scheduled at the convenience of the participants with concern to time and location. Please contact either Paul Gurny or Dr. David Joyce to make arrangements for a seminar.

4. Can other accrediting organizations be used to sponsor continuing medical education (CME) credits?

Yes, ES4P will work with other organizations to sponsor CME credits.




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