ES4P Faculty Contacts

Stephen S. Duklewski, MBA - [email protected]

Michelle A. Gourdine, MD - [email protected]

Paul A. Gurny, MBA, MS - [email protected]

David Joyce, MD, MBA - [email protected]

Harold MacLaughlin, J.D. - [email protected]

Roger Orsini, MD, MBA - [email protected]

Hassan Tetteh, MD, MPA, MBA - [email protected]

One Response to ES4P Faculty Contacts

  1. Dirk Hobbs says:

    Dr. Tetteh: I’ve reviewed your site. Very solid materials in here. Nice work, folks - this is a value tool for physicians.

    I look forward to sharing this with our Society of Physician Entrepreneur readership.

    Dirk R. Hobbs
    CEO, Medical Voyce Sciences & Multimedia, Inc.

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