Our Commitment To You

We, at ES4P, are committed to providing you, our followers and visitors, with practical information concerning the business side of medicine. It is our vision to equip physicians and other health professionals including students with business knowledge, skills, and tools applicable to the practice of medicine for improving the delivery of care.

The Director’s Pointers are designed and written to provide useful methods to immediately enhance and improve your leadership and management skills. Hot Topics offer relevant information on health care legislation, technology, reimbursement, and policy that directly affect your medical practice. They include links to additional pertinent and comprehensive facts on the specific topic. ES4P video tutorials provide key and hands-on knowledge, skills and tools to assist you with the business side of your practice. The videos are menu formatted and provide business concepts and skills in 15 to 20 minute segments so they can be easily learned and understood. They are accessible by any device that connects to the Internet. We also provide suggested readings, pertinent health legislation, and contacts to health legislators.

Our number one goal is to be a valuable service to you. By providing you with up-to-date and accurate data, facts, and information, we hope to earn your respect and trust. We will always welcome your feedback and suggestions for topics and desired knowledge that would make your medical practice life easier. We want to address your interests and look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Gurny

Managing Director

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