Clinical Practice Improvement - Project Management


Improving one’s workplace seems simple and complex all at the same time.  Processes that need to be improved are countless and the solutions may seem easy, yet nothing ever seems to get better.  The problem in healthcare is that the end user of our processes are our patients.  When processes do not work to their maximum efficiency, patients suffer.

The science behind practice improvement is complicated.  The skills behind actually creating and leading an improvement project are not.  Yet just like any other process, if the appropriate steps are not followed in order and performed in a correct manner the results are less than optimal.  This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of running a data driven clinical process improvement project.  It presents an actual clinical process improvement project done in a real hospital that affected the lives of real patients.  It starts at the beginning and fills in every step in the march to an actual solution and a plan to hold on to the gains.

Target Audience

This online course has been prepared for any individual who works as a healthcare provider.  There are no prerequisites to participate.


Paul Gurny   M.B.A.   M.S.  Managing Director,  Essential Seminars for Physicians LLC., Senior Professional Instructor, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

David Joyce  M.D.   M.B.A.   Director of Educational Programs,  Essential Seminars for Physicians LLC.


After participating in this activity, the participant will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Apply the mechanics of choosing what to improve.
  • Perform data gathering and processing.
  • Practice team formation and dynamics.
  • Use techniques of root cause analysis.
  • Illustrate holding on to improvement long term.
  • Apply business fundamentals relating to any practice setting.

The video tutorial is divided into  20 - 30 minute segments to enhance the learning experience. It can be viewed on any smart device an unlimited number of times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Total viewing time     (49:58)



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