Essential Seminars for Physicians , LLC (ES4P) is a team of business and medical professionals dedicated to teaching physicians the business aspects of medicine. Because of today’s complex and ever changing medical environment, more than ever before, all physicians need practical business skills and tools.  Physicians equipped with business knowledge  are more effective leaders, managers, and clinicians in whatever capacity or medical setting they practice. They are better prepared to continuously improve the health and well being of their patients as well as the quality and delivery of medical care.

Our Seminars and On-Line Educational Videos

ES4P provides business knowledge, skills, and tools through in-person seminars and on-line educational videos available on our website.  The seminars and videos are ideal for physicians who do not want to spend the time and money to attend either a graduate business degree or business certificate program.  ES4P brings business knowledge to you. In-person seminars are customized, provided on location, and at a time convenient to the physician participants. Each on-line educational video addresses a crucial business topic and is presented in 15 to 20 minute segments. Specific segments are easy to get from a menu provided with each business topic. The videos are available 24-7-365 on our website and are accessible by any device that connects with the Internet. All seminars and videos are designed to supply business knowledge, skills, and tools pertinent to the practice of medicine and can be immediately applied.

ES4P faculty is available to interact with physician participants after each in-person seminar to address any additional questions. Physician participants and video users can also contact ES4P faculty through our website.

Our Website

The website has been constructed to provide up-to-date information on a number of major health care issues such as legislation, reimbursement, and technology. The site also embeds links for additional information. Physicians will find pointers on numerous business concepts concerning leadership, management, hiring employees, choosing electronic record companies, etc. There is also a monthly journal review of pertinent health and business publications. Over time, we plan to add other useful elements to aid any and all physicians in managing their practices. Our goal is to become the best source for rank and file physicians in acquiring business skills and tools as well as staying current with important health care issues.