“Paul Gurny has a down to earth and engaging teaching style…one begins to see the integral role business and economics play in forming today’s healthcare systems. I highly recommend it.” Wade Chien, M.D. Otolaryngologist

“Your help with the quality improvement project… has been an enormous benefit to me and our community mental health organization. The High Utilizer project has been reducing hospitalizations significantly in saving the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars…” Leonard Rosen, MD - Medical Director for Oakland County Mental Health, MI

“Through the use of Clinical Practice Improvement approaches, my company was able to reduce outpatient mental health clinic’s no-show rates by over 50%. By carefully applying the scientific method to the day-to-day clinical practices, we were able to achieve better treatment results at a lower cost. I would highly recommend this course to any administrator or clinician wishing to improve efficiency of their practice without sacrificing the quality of service.” Oleg Tarkovsky, MD - Division Director of Outpatient Services, Mosaic Mental Health Community Services, Inc.

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