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ES4P Faculty Member Publishes Book

We are happy and pleased to announce that Dr. Michelle Gourdine, a ES4P faculty member, has published a book. The book is entitled, “Reclaiming Our Health: A Guide to African American Wellness.” The purpose of the book is to teach … Continue reading

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Judge Vinson Clarifies Constitutional Authority concerning Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Last week Federal Judge Roger Vinson clarified for the White House which branch of the government has the final word on the U.S. Constitution. On January 31st of this year, Vinson ruled the mandatory insurance provision in the Patient Protection … Continue reading

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The Business of Medicine

Hopkins Medicine - Winter 2011 For a growing number of physicians, an MBA is the ticket to providing better health care. Sepsis an overwhelming infection of the bloodstream, can kill a person if it’s not treated with antibiotics quickly enough.The … Continue reading

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Managing Change

Everything changes. All of us experience change in both our private and professional lives. As managers it is important to recognize that change can be difficult for anyone depending on what the change entails. But in any case, change is … Continue reading

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2 Kidneys or 100,000 Lives

Running A Hospital February 20, 2011 I think we have all heard of the kidney mix-up in the transplant case in California.  The case seemed to be dramatized by every type of media.  The case affected one life.  What wasn’t … Continue reading

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