The challenges that physicians face, no matter their practice setting are not clinical.  Institutions of medical education provide clinical knowledge that is the best in the world.  Unfortunately that cannot be said for the delivery side of healthcare.  Delivery is a business process and medical education spends little time acquainting physicians with the “how to” of delivering their clinical knowledge to patients.  Our CME qualified program is designed to bridge that gap with MBA level skills that can be used immediately.  Implementation of these skills will improve patient outcomes, safety and lower costs.  It will also improve the sustainability of any practice as well as the wellness of providers already under pressure from the demands of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Our program provides:

  • Highly interactive learning management system
  • Activity and knowledge acquisition tracking
  • Full content and technical support
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine branding
  • Instant downloadable CME certificates
  • Storage of earned certificates on the site
  • Access 24/7/365
  • Any smart device connected to the internet
  • Requires no special software
  • Split into convenient 20 minute segments that respect physician time

Our program can be accessed from a single link supplied to your organization, to be placed in a position of your site that will be highly visible to your members.