Essential Seminars for Physicians, LLC (ES4P) is a team of business and medical professionals dedicated to teaching all healthcare providers the skills to deliver high quality, safe and low cost care.  In the past, providers have relied on administrators to develop and improve processes through which they deliver care.  The future will depend on those same providers, who see patients every day and understand their needs, to take a more active role.  By acquiring business skills essential to care delivery,  they will be equipped to bring the voice of their patients to the forefront of the decision making process.  

ES4P has developed a program of study for healthcare providers that is best described as a “Pocket MBA”.  The CME/CE certified courses are designed to provide skills that will be used immediately to improve patient outcomes and experience.    The courses speak to providers at all levels, including physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse case managers,  navigators and physician assistants.   The value of this knowledge is undisputed as evidenced by its inclusion most physician specialty board maintenance of certification and in the American Nurse Credentialing Center (AANC) credential requirements.  

The modern healthcare team includes physicians, certified registered nurse practitioners,  clinical nurse specialists, and nurse case managers.    Although specific healthcare roles are defined in training,  once in the clinical care setting team based healthcare delivery provides the best results.  The team must operate as a unit encouraging and valuing each member’s contribution to the improvement of patient care.  Our educational program is designed supply the tools to empower every member of that team to contribute to changing the way care is delivered.

The majority of problems medical professionals face today are not clinical.  They arise in the delivery of clinical knowledge to the betterment of patients.  Our content focuses on the source of the problem and delivers the business skills needed.   Time and time again, we see providers who complete our courses  better prepared to continuously improve the health and well being of their patients as well as the quality and delivery of medical care.


CME Courses


Since 2010, ES4P has been providing business knowledge, skills, and tools through in-person seminars and on-line educational videos.  In an effort to a develop state of the art learning experience we turned to an interactive online leaning management platform.  Our course delivery method addresses the needs of providers by offering   effective learning that can be accessed anywhere, on anything, at any time and allows them to earn Johns Hopkins Medicine CME/CE.  Our mobile experience is seamless.  Our system also possess a highly sophisticated activity tracking capability.  Organizations can track the activity of learners, and gather knowledge acquisition, course completion, certificate awards, and satisfaction data.  Tracking data of this type and aligning it with patient outcomes may be a very useful feature of our patient education courses as well. 

            ES4P is also developing patient education courses.  It is clear that knowledge of a disease correlates with better outcomes.   For many reasons, delivering effective education to patients has been a challenge.  Educating patients online using an interactive state of the art learning management platform is an effective tool. Patients who take our “Diabetes and Balance” course, will have their activity tracked, knowledge acquisition tested, and receive achievement certificates.   Case managers and care coordinators will be able to correlate the activity with patient outcomes.  Patients will do better and the cost of their care will decrease.


Course Curriculum


Physician Program                                                             

  • Healthcare Financial Statement                                             
  • Capital – What You Should Know About Money                      
  • Healthcare Budgets                                                                 
  • Clinical Practice Improvement 
  • Short Cycle Improvement (PDSA) 
  • Leadership and Management for Physicians 
  • Finance of Healthcare Business Planning 
  • Strategy and Decision Making
  • Negotiation for Physicians 


Healthcare Leadership Series

  • Quality Leadership 
  • Tools of a Leader 
  • Leading Improvement 
  • The Business of Leadership 


Nursing Program                                                                               

  • Healthcare Leadership for Nurses                                                     
  • Clinical Practice Improvement for Nurses 
  • Short Cycle Practice Improvement for Nurses 
  • Healthcare Financial Communication for Nurses 
  • Healthcare Reimbursement for Nurses 
  • Healthcare Budgets for Nurses 
  • Negotiation for Nurses 
  • Strategy and Decision Making for Nurses


Patient Education Program

Diabetes and Balance